In the upcoming story of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah TMKOC, viewers will see some interesting twist where Jethalal to make panipuri as Guptaji runaway from his stall.

So far we have seen that Nattukaka and Bagha suggested a good scheme to increase Gada Electronics sales by giving unlimited free Panipuri to the customers on purchase of Rs. 100 or more from Gada Electronics.

Scheme is running smooth and giving benefits to Jethalal, but as you know another name of Jethalal is Problemlal. 

Here Guptaji(Owner of Panipuri) who is constantly busy in phone and not serving panipuris to the customers and they complain it to Jethalal.

On the other hand Jethalal send Bagha to Guptaji's stole and stops Guptaji from talking over Phone. Now Guptaji wants to leave for his house where Bagha calls Jethalal.


Jethalal to make Panipuri for customers

In coming episodes we will see Jethalal will rush there and will try to explain Guptaji but he is not ready to understand and runaway from there. Meanwhile Tarak Mehta will reach there Jethalal will request Mehta Sahab to make Panipuris for the customer.

Where Tarak Mehta will deny and unfortunately Jethalal will have to make panipuri by hiding his face with cloth so that nobody can recognise that he is Jethalal.

Problem is not still solved, we will see Iyer and Babita ji will see Jethalal making Panipuri on road and thinks that he is facing financial crisis and opend new business.

Now it will be very interesting to see what BabitaJi and Iyer will do.

Stay tuned for more updates of TMKOC.