Nazar: Piya to save Vedashree, Mohana’s plan fails

Nazar: Piya to save Vedashree, Mohana’s plan fails

In the upcoming episode of Nazar 4th January 2019, viewers will see some interesting twist and turns where Mohana’s plan to expose Piya get failed.

So far we have seen that Vedashree gets transformed in an ice idol when she saving Ansh, idol gets melted.

To stop melting the ice, Ansh had tried everything but failed to do so.

Piya and other family members are also searching for the same but can’t get success.

Piya turns Sarpika, Ansh get shocked seeing her

Later Piya will get to know that Vedashree will be saved with Sarpika’s blood.

Thus Piya gets Sarpika’s avatar to save her, Ansh gets shocked seeing her in this avatar.

This was planned by Mohana to expose Piya’s real identity so that Ansh will leave her.

However Mohana gets failed as Ansh will accept Piya in this avatar as she saved his mother Vedashree.

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