Star Plus supernatural show Nazar will gear up for some interesting drama in the upcoming track.

Vedashree decides to get Ansh and Ruby married thinking that Ruby will protect Ansh from daayan.

But on the wedding day, she comes to know the most shocking truth and that is Ruby is herself a daayan.

Therefore Vedashree very cleverly gets Ansh married with Pia so that she can stop Ansh from marrying Ruby.

Vedashree does not let Ruby marry Ansh

When Mohana and Ruby get to know that Vedashree has got Ansh married with Pia then they get shocked as well as furious.

Mohana gets extremely furious as she can only come back if Ansh marries daayan but Vedashree does not let that happen by getting Ansh married to Pia.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.