In the upcoming story of Main Maike Chali Jaungi, viewers will see some interesting twist and turn where Buaji's rage of anger cooks misunderstanding against Jaya.

So far we have seen that Jaya is sad as Satya isn't picking up her phone and not talking to her, Jaya is not used to it.

Jaya is used to talk to Satya on everything and tells her everyday life to Satya.

Satya is upset with Jaya as she had taken side of her in-laws against her and she can't bear it.

Satya upset with Jaya

Satya's this anger turns too difficult for Jaya and amid this Surana's an employee tries to cheer her up.

Buaji comes just then with her face drenched in mud and misunderstands that Jaya is laughing over her.

Buaji misunderstands Jaya and creates havoc for her.

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