In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar and Tevar are the two poles wherein Kulfi at present is juggling in the upcoming episode.

Kulfi is termed as Tevar and Lovely's daughter by Lovely in the greed that Tevar would run after Kulfi's possession and Kulfi and Sikandar would get separated.

Lovely also went to the extent to lie to Tevar that Lovely had handed over Kulfi to Nihalo so that Kulfi cannot come in front of Sikandar post marriage.

Tevar starts to focus on building Kulfi's carrier and also demands Kulfi's possession from Sikandar.

Sikandar topped the search of Kulfi's parents

Sikandar has stooped to look out for Kulfi's father as now Sikandar cannot stay apart from Kulfi.

What would be Sikandar's answer to Tevar's demanding Kulfi?

Would Sikandar hand over Kulfi so easily to Tevar?

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