In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2, viewers will see some interesting twist and turns where Mohini fix Prerna-Naveen's engagement post Anurag release from Jail.

So far we have seen that as Anurag, Prerna and their friends were in jail, on the other hand Mohini was too serious that she called off Naveen and Prerna's marriage alliance and asks Naveen to choose between her and Prerna.

Later on we will see that Naveen will take help of Komolika's father Siddhant Chaubey where police release all of them.

Naveen takes Anurag and Prerna to Basu house where Mohini is surpirsed to see her son Anurag free from Jail.

Mohini announce Naveen-Prerna's Engagement to take place Tomorrow

Futhermore, Mohini is soo happy and asks Naveen what he needs in return of this, where Naveen requests not to cancel there alliance and finalize engagement in next day.

Mohini agrees on this and we will see Mohini and Anurag will go to Prerna's house with engagement shagun gifts for Prerna.

Prerna is shocked seeing this shagun but she can't do anything as she is doing all this because of that deal with Naveen.

On the other hand, Anurag will continue his james bond avatar to get to know why Prerna is marrying Naveen.

It will be really interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

Stay tuned for more updates of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2.