In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2, viewers will see some interesting twist and turn as Anurag's plan backfires, defamation time for Prerna.

So far we have seen Anurag knows that Naveen is upto something big and is betraying Prerna and has some other lady in his life.

Anurag can't let Prerna's life be spoiled because of Naveen and takes oath to save her, while here Anurag catches Naveen with his Jaan in hotel room.

Anurag gets this opportunity to expose Naveen infront of family and brings all, Moloy asks Mohini to break Prerna and Naveen's alliance if he will be caught with a girl.

Anurag's plan backfires

Anurag is hopeful to end this chapter now while Anurag's plan backfires and Naveen will be found in hotel room with Prerna.

Anurag is left shock and Mohini defames Prerna for coming to a hotel room with Naveen and thus was all Naveen's plan to befool Anurag.

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