In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi ki 2, viewers will see some interesting twist where Anurag to expose Navin's affair, shows their pictures to everyone.

So far we have seen that Navin is excited to get engaged with Prerna, on the other hand Anurag is busy in finding truth of Navin Babu.

Anurag gets successful in finding Navin and his wife Malini's photographs.

Later on we will see Navin babu will plan to show his and Prerna's pictures on a big projector screen where Anurag will take advantage of this and add those pictures in it.

Everybody is shocked seeing this photograph with unknown lady(Malini) and asks her to clarify who is she.

Navin flop Anurag's plan

Navin says Anurag that no one should question her and why should he answer to this question, there Prerna also asks to clarify it.

Thenafter Navin will speak out that she is her Bhabhi(Sister-In-Law) and will flop Anurag's plan.

It would be interesting to see what Anurag will do after this.

Stay tuned for more updates of Kasauti Zindagi ki 2.