Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 Upcoming Story: In the coming episode we will get see Anurag dreaming of Prerna with open eyes, but she was actually Mishka.

So far we have seen Komolika-Prerna's cat fight where Prerna orders komolika to accept her sister and demands Ronit-Shivani's marriage.

Prerna filed FIR against Ronit to spoil Shivani's life, she got this strength just because of Anurag's help.

We will see Anurag dreaming of Prerna but actually she is Mishka not Prerna, Mishka will try to get close to him but will fail.

Anurag's feeling for Prerna, Nivetida to advice Anurag

With this dream it seems like Anurag started getting feelings for Prerna.

Later Nivedita will meet Anurag and will give him lesson to forget Prerna as their mother had finalize his alliance with Mishka.

Now it would be interesting to see how Anurag will come out of this alliance.

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