In the upcoming story of Bepanah, viewers will see some interesting twist where Aditya finds Rajveer is Harshvardhan-Kalpana's illegitimate son.

So far we have seen that Zoya-Aditya is behind Rajveer and Nani to find real motive behind all this. They want to how Rajveer is related with Harshvardhan Hooda and his family.

Today we will see that Aditya plans to make Zoya jealous where Zoya steps out of the room. Seeing her Aditya gets mesmerised with her looks.

Later on we will see Zoya and Aditya will find Rajveer's real truth that he is Kalpana's son.

Aditya is aware of name Kalpana

Futhermore he will decide to dig out more truth as he is aware of the name Kalpana.

Thus later on Aditya will find that Rajveer is none other than Harshvardhan Hooda and Kalpana's illegitimate son.

Aditya get shocked after knowing this truth of Rajveer's relationship with Hooda's.

Now it would be interesting to see what Aditya will do after knowing this truth.

Stay tuned for more updates of Bepanah.